Recommendations for your diabetes Rekommendationer för din diabetes

The new diabetes app based on research, machine learning and AI. For those with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Den nya diabetesappen baserad på forskning, machine learning och AI. För dig med typ 1 och typ 2 diabetes.

The new AI based diabetes app - how it works

AiBetic combines recognized research results, diabetes knowledge, artificial intelligence and machine learning in the form of a recommendation system. However, the algorithms needs time to get to know you. By being committed to the app and continually adding data, AiBetic will provide you with individually tailored recommendations and advice so that you can gain knowledge about your diabetes.

Live your best life – on your terms!

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Unfortunately, diabetes has increased exponentially all over the world. The person affected is often forced into various types of restrictions in their everyday life and can also experience serious complications. AiBetic is based on research, more than twenty years of own experiences of diabetes and advanced artificial intelligence. The app gives effective recommendations and advice for both type 1- and type 2-diabetes.

Oscillations can harm your body even if your value is in the so-called target range. Also, studies have shown that you can’t look at the HbA1c-values alone. These are average numbers over time which means that you may have a good value overall, but still have large and harmful oscillations in your blood glucose curve. It’s not until you compare this value with your daily measurements that the whole picture gets clear.

AiBetic was created to minimise both everyday symptoms and the risk of chronic illness. Our app will gives you individual recommendations and advice, as well as keeping you motivated to make positive changes in your everyday life.

How does AiBetic work?

AiBetic uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). With AI technology a machine can perform tasks that previously required human intelligence. The machine can also handle different situations based on its own previous experiences. Since the computer can perform tasks quicker and achieves a more accurate result than the human brain, it’s able to handle and understand data in a much more efficient way. The AI-technique is used in many different areas, for example, self-driving cars, facial recognition, diagnosis, robotics and epidemic forecasts.

For you, as a diabetic, there are over one billion different combinations of factors and circumstances affecting your blood glucose value. Also, every diabetic has their own specific conditions which means that general advice gives limited help. Therefore, AiBetic use a unique AI-system that gives you personalised recommendations, customised for your needs and conditions.

In order to get maximum advantage out of AiBetic, it’s important for you as a new user to give the app as much data input as possible. The more and better data the app learns about you, the more accurate and effective the recommendations will be. After a while, AiBetic's artificial intelligence and algorithms will be able to predict how your blood glucose levels will behave, so you can get tips or notifications on your mobile just when you need it most.

To get the best support, even as a new user, the AiBetic-app is also filled with loads of recognised and useful research findings on diabetes. Therefore, the app will bring great value from the first day of using it. But the longer you use the app and the more data about your diabetes you provide it, the better recommendations and advice you will get.


AiBetic will give you support 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We want you to be able to live your best life without constantly having to worry about what choices you make every day. When your blood glucose curve stabilises, your symptoms will be minimised, as well as the risk of long-term complications.

In the app you will have access to your own easy to read statistics, as well as personalised effective recommendations about everything that affects your diabetes. This way you will quickly learn how you're diabetes works and how you best manage it.

At AiBetic, we want you to be able to live your life the way you want to. So we aim to curate the app’s recommendations to fit your lifestyle but with a stabilised blood glucose curve.And if you do want to change to a healthier lifestyle, the app will give you great support for that as well.

Test the AiBetic-app for free the first three months and experience the change.

Your input Din input

Data about your diabetes

Give the app data about every known thing affecting your blood glucose curve, like food, drinks and many other parameters. Also, tell the app what you will do, like workouts, meetings and more.

Automatic data collection

Connect the AiBetic-app with your smartwatch, your diabetes aids or other tools you’re using for automatised data collection. 

Your data is protected

You always decide what data the app will use. We anonymise all your data and strictly follow GDPR to keep the information safe. 

What you get Vad du får

Personalised recommendations

The AiBetic-app gives you support in everyday situations, whether it's a workout, a feast, a long business meeting or your sleep at night.

Get to know your body

The statistics are based on your own data and show how your body reacts in different situations, so that both you and the app can gradually learn more about what works best for you.

New features to come

Predictions and much more.
(Pending CE marking)

Together we create a better future

When you use AiBetic, you not only get good advice for yourself – you also enable scientific studies* and development of treatment for other diabetics. Together we can solve many of the problems that diabetics all around the world experience today.

* All your data is anonymous. Need your permission.

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The founders of AiBetic

Behind AiBetic are three founders, one of whom has had diabetes for more than 20 years. The idea is created from a long-standing frustration of never being able to know in advance how the blood sugar level will behave – and the frustration of receiving only general advice with limited effect. The other two founders have their background in mathematics, artificial intelligence and research. Together with you and other diabetics, we create the individually tailored recommendations and diabetes advice of the future.

Beat your diabetes by staying one step ahead!

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